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Old 25th July 2009
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To get back on topic, I kind of agree that mic pres don't change the sound as much as repositioning the mic in the room or changing the mic or adding screens etc.
When I'm unhappy with the sound I'll change the mic or positioning. Can't recall many occastions when changing the mic pre fixed what I was hearing.

However, I work with the philosophy there's kind of 3 flavours of mic pre.
API, Neve and super clean GML types.
Aggressive, Warm and Transparent.

However as much as I always like recording vocals on Neves, whenever I have to use something else, I'm always suprised that "It sounds great."

Oh yeah tube pres as well.. don't use them as often. Although, saying that, same thing again, always can get a good sound with tubetech channel strip.

So I guess, when you're happy you got the right mic, right positioning/room. Then as long as you don't have a terrible pre, you're fine.

Oh .. if you do have a terrible pre, you can still get away with it! Just takes more effort!