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I don't miss your point.
Your point is an has always been

BUY REAL TRAPS!!!!!!! Get you pompoms out ethan

I do have treated studio. Paid 6k to have someone come including materials.
It's flawless. But I also have good preamps and good conversion and an analog deck which I prize more

I can still make quality recordings without a treated room. Can you? ??? ........ that's what I thought
don't need to answer that

everyone's answer is you don't good pres or a/d but you need a treated room!!!!
nah. If you know your room (s) and their inconsistencies you work around it
you improvise.
do have a treated room I think it makes a huge difference It makes it easier

But I don't need it to make good recordings. GOT IT?

If you really new anything about recording youd know the work arounds. I'd gladly tell you about them
but you probably wouldn't get it. They don't have anything to do with selling product. It makes use of general household items
Adjustments and improvisation and your ears.
No kidding, if he ever starts a thread about viral marketing on internet forums I'll be sure to derail it by going on about preamps.