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Not to encourage the firestorm, but as a project studio guy, I'll just say this: It wasn't until I took Ethan's (and others) advice on focusing on better treating my control room that I was able to really discern the subtleties in difference between pres. What I've always taken away from the umpteen discussions on sound treatment is that it is far more critical in the monitoring/mixing area than the tracking area.

So while Zep albums were RECORDED in untreated spaces, I'm pretty sure they were MIXED in treated control rooms.

Until I got my control room at least nominally neutral, I could have bought handmade pres from Rupert himself and it wouldn't have done me much good if the sound is so smeared as to be unrepresentative of what's actually going to "tape". But to also agree with Allencollins, I moved all the sound treatment from my tracking room into my control room and improved both spaces.

I agree 100% with Infernal Device, get a great pre, use it until you have really grokked it, and then maybe look for something to add. The 500 series format seems really great for this, being able to add single channels for very reasonable.