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Then again the owners of "million dollar recording studios" have PROFESSIONAL assistance with the treatment of their rooms.

As for the difference the O/P hear between A 1272 and A 1073 was more likely due to the maintenance of the units than the units themselves as they are for all intents and purposes THE SAME AMPLIFIER under 55db of gain [over 55 db of gain you get into an additional amplifier stage with the 1073]... or it could have had to do with how the gain on the 1272 was set up as there are a myriad of ways to do it wrong and most of the aftermarket 1272 set ups have some kind of incorrect gain structure to them.

As for trying to describe the difference in tone of other mic-pre's... well... let's think about that for a moment. Can you describe the difference in wall color between my living room and the hall leading to the second floor of my house? They're both kinda based around "gold" but they're distinctly different shades [most complimentary... my GF is a pretty damn good decorator!!].

Oh that's right... you've never been to my house and have ZERO frame of reference. Hmmmm

Frank Zappa once said that writing about music is like dancing about architecture... if you believe that premise [which I do] then writing about the tonal difference in mic-pre's is like interpretive dance about an elevator shaft.

Get the picture?


Fletcher knows Jimmy miller never cared about room treatment
right Mr. Fletcher?

Don't want a flame here but a good engineer can get beyond room treatment.
I suck at recording and I can do it. Mic and placment , Eq, gates, comps etc.... You don't need room treatment I'm sorry it's a plus. For some projects like something very polished I would want a treated room. If I'm recording **** kicking rock and roll band any room will do. Live records prove this. Records like Machine head and most zep records prove this as do most of the ealry 70's stones records.

Sorry Ethan you are wrong. Pop on the Allman Brothers at the Filmore Duane never sound sooooo good. what a drum(s) sound huh? Two drummers too? Love the sound of Frampton comes alive still after all these years. Did they treat
Oakland Stadium with rockwool before that classic 'Day on the Green Show'? Just ask Johnny Winter And......
Look!! I see Billy Powell's Keyboard throne next to the floor tom. that must have done the trick absorbing those tricky
low mid freqs. Listen to 'Captured Live!' recorded at this show. JW's biggest sounding record.

Room treatment? Yes it makes it all easier. Yes it helps you make PERFECT recording but you can make adjustments without room treatment.

With a $50 pre and $200 converter there are no adjustments no matter how good the room is treated

Does behrigner make acoustic panels? That would go great along w/ an ada8000 and a MIC800. Man that would rival the sound of a floyd record. Give it up and quit trying to brainwash people.

For the record room treatment does make a difference , yes it makes an optimal recording environment but you
can get the job done without it.

Yes you can. There are load of records that prove it