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Then again the owners of "million dollar recording studios" have PROFESSIONAL assistance with the treatment of their rooms.
Yes, exactly the same sort of PROFESSIONAL advice I provide for my customers. Unless you're somehow suggesting that Bob Clearmountain, Nile Rodgers, Barry Gibb, T Bone Burnett (he was a customer before he won our PVB last week), and a dozen other famous names are not sufficient to qualify me as PROFESSIONAL acoustician.

Frank Zappa once said that writing about music is like dancing about architecture... if you believe that premise [which I do] then writing about the tonal difference in mic-pre's is like interpretive dance about an elevator shaft.
I almost agree, at least when there really is a difference. Most of the time there is no meaningful difference. All of the mic pre comparisons I've ever seen are fatally flawed because they compare different performances. Further, there are established words that can be used to describe audio qualities. This is not the same as musical qualities, which is what FZ was talking about. Timbre and tonality can be expressed as words, and they frequently are. All over Gearslutz, every single day.