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I would have to agree with most of what is being said here. Don't get the instruments first. Set yourself up with a good to highend recording chain. And then add instruments as money becomes available. In the meantime compose with softsynths and your guitar.

Quick computer, ( Obvious reasons )
Quick external hard drive, ( Obvious reasons - You don't want to record to your system drive)
Good/Highend preamp with DI (To record your guitars and synths with,
Good Analogue to digital converter ( This makes sure that your analogue audio is transferred to your computer at the best quality possible )
Good Digital to analogue converter ( To listen back to your recordings at the best possible quality )
Good Monitors ( Obviously the important part of recording is listening to what you are recording )
And a DAW (Logic or protools LE would be better for building tracks than Ableton in my opinion but this is subjective and there is no right or wrong )

Bear in mind that the more average gear you buy .. The more you will have to spend in the long run to replace it when you decide to upgrade. And average equipment is difficult to sell.

Hope that helps