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Old 24th July 2009
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i've been a fan of electronic music since the mid 80's but just recently got inspired to make my own.

i have to say something though. i very much dislike the fact that DAWs and recording solutions are high on the list of priorities of gear.

it is as if people want to run before they can walk. and this is why i feel that the majority of attempts to create music result in complete ****. this is why there are 100,000,000 myspace bands making crap music, and this crap music is even getting released... albeit by small labels.

the over saturation lowers the bar in my opinion.

what i think you should do if you're interested in electronic music is getting that moog LP, a decent amp for it like a Peavy KB 300 or Roland KC-550 for starters. and use that to learn about subtractive synthesis which will give you a rock solid foundation to build upon.

if you have a decent computer i would then suggest getting an audio interface. most sequencing and sampling can be done via digital means, saving you a ton of money without losing production quality and the audio interface will allow you to explore all the different forms of digital synthesis, sequence both softsynths and your moog LP thus allowing you to play your guitar over sequenced synths, drums, etc.

this is the route i've taken and i believe it is beneficial to learning how to actually play your synthesizer before you jump into recording.