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For digital recording it has to be the case that, all other factors being equal, the higher the resolution the better the recording. Any DAW is essentially a sampler, and although there's validity in people going all gooey about 12-bit samplers 'back in the day', this doesn't really hold true for a "crunchy" multitrack recording.

Bit depth is a major issue for recordings with a wide dynamic range (eg. classical or acoustic projects) where there is more resolution available at lower levels (because there are more bits down there) so it sounds better. If a track is brickwalled throughout, you're not going to notice it so much because there's not much being asked of the low-value bits. Also bear in mind that even though you're working nominally at 24 bits, you may well be getting only 21-22 genuinely useful bits depending on the quality of the convertor.

Bottom line has to be with CD as the main delivery at present, 16/44 is ultimately the listening experience anyway. But when a 24/96 format is finally here, it's guaranteed to sound better. How could it be otherwise?

At the risk of being seriously flamed, does anyone still find their old 70's rock recordings (ie. AAD) just sound so much better than current DDD recordings? Or is this just because my ears got "trained" that way all those years ago?