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Don't know, heylow. Before it all gets dumped the shallow, narrow pool of 16/44.1, I can hear the difference between 48 and 44.1, especially with cymbals and reverb trails. 88.2 and 96 I can hear that same difference once-ish over again, in a way. The top is more open although to my ears, the bottom seems to thin out a bit, as if some kind of distortion or masking in the lower sampling rates gives the illusion of more robust bass. I've speculated that maybe the low frequenices are being captured more accurately, and that the noise/resonance/digital filter artifacts causing the illusion have been moved that much farther away from what can be heard by all humans except the $6 million man and Bernie Grundman. Bernie must be able to hear all that stuff, right? Or else why would people go to him so often to make things perfect? Must be his level of experience...

it ain't really about his ears or your's or mine as much