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Interesting thoughts..........

You may have to pardon my ignorance, but I dont see how anyone can hear the difference in bit depth. Am I wrong? It seems to be that, all things being equal, 16 bit is the same as 24 bit except that you dont have bit crunch with 24 bits to get decent resolution, resulting in more headroom without compression at a good resolution.

I'm not saying I have compared directly, because, truth be told, I have only heard 16 bit stuff done with LOTS O compression at tracking whereas the 24 bit stuff is often done without so this alone makes 24 bit "sound better" to me but its not actually the bitrate we are talking about as much as it is the compression in that scenario.

Do you guys actually hear bitrate differences?

As far as sample rate....I havent heard much in the way of comparisons ecxept some internet stuff in which i didnt hear a big fat difference. I could often MAKE myself hear it but in the interest of keeping it real, I would concur that I do not hear what many others claim to. I can do 44.1 and 48 and I dont hear it there.

I guess, in a way, I dont care much. I dont believe it makes a hell of a lot of difference in rock music.....I say rock music because thats what I may be different for classical, I dont know. All I know is I dont believe the hype fo the most part.

Of course, that said, i have to admit that I track digitally and mix analog and find myself tracking at 48k "just in case". heh