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Old 15th April 2003

Nice thoughts and I've mixed songs at times lately( started at 16 bit 44.1K) where i wondered the same thing.

My problem is more with what we have to work with at the end.

I have a problem with busting my A** to get something to gel well and then have it bottle necked at the end(16 bit 44.1K).

I've been listening to both SACD's and DVD's lately and the higher bit depth does make a substantial difference(as well as the higher sampling rates).

I haven't seen as many arguments lately about bit depths though when it comes to tracking. I guess people are actually starting to focus more on the music.

By the way, i do hear a difference when mixing with digital effect units(M6000 for eg.) that are being dithered down on the inputs and outputs.

It kinda defeats the purpose pf paying $15K for the unit(which does all its processing at either 48 bit or 64 bits) and then is dithered down to please the interface.