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I'm not sure exactly what you are going for, but you could try this out:
Take your 2 channels that have the lead (or mult of lead on 2, or lead bus return,etc) and put graphic eq's (usually, the more bands - the better) on each insert. Boost on one band on the left channel, then cut on the same band on the right channel. Do this all the way down (usually around 3 db works for me, but each situation is different). The Altec and Sphere graphic's work pretty good for this. If you're happy with the way it sounds at this point, leave it. If you feel like you need more width/mono capability or it just sounds too quazi, bus your leads through your eq's so the lead's stay intact, boost and cut the channels as much as possible, then send this to an Edison or Desper Spatializer or you could also try just putting a 5ms delay on one side, but the edison or other spatializers usually work better. Add the processed channels in to taste and check it in mono. You'll loose some of it, but it should be at an acceptable rate to were it still sounds proportional to the rest of the song in mono.