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Another Verve question

Hi Steve
Album was recorded and mixed at Sawmills. Reverbs would probably be Lexicon PCM60, large and long and all positions between, SPX90 1 Hall Rev time 6-8secs minus bass, Lexicon 480L (bought by studio in advance on us booking 6 weeks) and probably a taste of Breathing Canyon on H3000. We'd also get various delays going with feedback from AMS DMX1580 and get harmonizers feeding back set on like 0.81 and 1.21 and some delays an octave up and the top rolled off and set back. Nick had delays and stuff on his amp and sometimes its two amps with delay left and right.
I still got some cassettes of jams I recorded on walkman in Wigan '93 and there's probably some 24T from studio at the time. I also recorded 24 songs with Richard, Simon, Simon and Sobo at Real World and Ridge Farm in 1995 which became the demos for Urban Hymns which wasn't finished til '97 but thats another story...