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Simple Minds Empire And Dance

I posted reply to similar question on Minds. Empires and Dance was very keyboard based along with the rock solid bass lines. I think it was Korg MS20 and we had a Yamaha CS80 which I hated and a lot of tracks started with Jupiter arpeggiator. There was no MIDI. There was good piano in studio and hammond but I dont think we used it except for leslie guitar and backing vocals. it was all played in and often used a big Carlsboro amp with silver horn Mick used live. A lot of bass synth done with this and room ambience recorded. It was 24 track and we were really concentrating on doing extended 12 versions of I Travel and Celebrate. A lot of songs were rehearsed at Monow Valley before Stones truck arrived so we had arrangements though I remember a lot of two inch edits going on.