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You may already know this, but BartCop's most recent rants - Political Humor and Commentary ends every single issue with a Shirley Manson picture. So two cool things you could do if you get a chance: 1. send Bartcop some Shirley pics, and 2. if you plan on being near Tulsa with Garbage, schedule a set at Cain's Ballroom and send Bart a couple of tickets.



PS, I've never met the man, and I've never been to Cain's, but I'd like to do both.
I have not seen BartCop, i'll check it out.
We played Cain's Ballroom. The gig was good, although really hot.

I remember several of our crew guys got #2 buzzcuts before the gig.

I also remember one of the local stage hands got fired before the show because he was drunk. After the gig, he was "going to get us" and he did donuts in his pickup truck in the parking lot, trying to spray gravel on us.