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These people are not like you and me. They don't really 'register' in a concrete, critical way what is going on infront of their faces... they are there to serve their muse, to cut lose and sing a song... it's your job to make that as smooth and effortless a process as possible, at least that's what I've learned, and everything that you can do to make it as glorious as possible, like hearing themselves like they never have before and don't usually, helps to build a better vibe all 'round.
You know, I've seen sessions get compromised when the band takes that muse-following a little too far into dreamland. I've watched them stop paying attention to the details of what it takes to make their recording sound great. Things like, "let's get you into the control room now" to the singer who's been yowling into the PA for a couple of hours... the same singer who seems to have forgotten our pre-pro talk about PA vocal bleed showing up BIG in the final mix.

Or "New song? Ok, I'm going to change a couple of mics for this one, so gimme 5 minutes." Did they listen? No! It was right into the next number and then questioning me later about why the start of that one good take didn't have guitars. "Oh, I brought it up but you guys didn't seem to want to stop the flow."

Baaahhh!! Not saying a good headphone mix is worthless to such people, but I hadda get it off my chest. Technically, we're in the moan zone... heh