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... Did the bands notice an improvement in the sound quality of their headphone mixes?....
Yes, yes, and yes-- and the way I knew it was that after that, I heard zero commentary about anything related to monitoring. When everything's fine, it goes unmentioned.

Of course, there are so many subtle influences surrounding any session, so much politics and soothsaying and clowning around-- really when you get down to it, all the 'nuances' of your place need to be in order, from the parking to the actual factors that control the sound, I'm not surprised your singer was oblivious to improvements, even drastic ones--

These people are not like you and me. They don't really 'register' in a concrete, critical way what is going on infront of their faces... they are there to serve their muse, to cut lose and sing a song... it's your job to make that as smooth and effortless a process as possible, at least that's what I've learned, and everything that you can do to make it as glorious as possible, like hearing themselves like they never have before and don't usually, helps to build a better vibe all 'round.

Even the bluegrass guys, you'd think they would prefer just the open air, facing each other? No way! They LOVE the sweetness and density of a cookin' headphone mix, a little verb maybe, just ultra-clarity of every last vibrating string!