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Old 26th September 2005
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I loved "Collide" I thought it was the best song she did and the production was perfect for bringing out the haunting feel of that song. nice one.

1. just a little compression and eq on the insert for starters?
I floated her voice to two channels and processed the two differently. I'd switch it up between verse and chorus. I changed compressors on every song.

2. buss the vocal through a squasher comp -- if so which on Amy M.??
I remember putting the dept of commerce on some of the quieter ones. It was the way she sang that made the feel amazing. My toys just enhanced it a bit.

3. Ever use Dolby A or any kind of exciter?
Not on her but yes, I know those tricks. I have a set of custom made dolby cards that have all the bands bypassed except for the top end to give me the air without the pump. I have an Aphex B that I fire up on occassion.

4. Another post said you liked the DRE 777, on vocals? any other verbs you like for vocals? not really.

5. Do you ever mix stems and blend them later, perhaps at mastering?No

6. Where in the chain do you place de -essers? are they 902s??on the channel that is being floated. I use SPL De-eesser.