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Old 26th September 2005
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Further Explanation For a Beginner

Hi Mr. Brauer,

Thank you very much for your time. I have 2 questions for you.

First, I have read your tape op article and any related post, thread, comment anywhere else I could find it on your multibuss comp techniques. It's all very wonderful and informative, however I am still confused on a few aspects of it that I can't find an answer to that I can understand. I have only worked on Protools HD with no controller and will be making a big jump to an SSL 4000 in the next few months. So - being a little lost, here are my questions.
a) When you set it up - are your comps on inserts across A,B,C,and/or D? If not - then I'm still lost on the routing of of the comps.
b) When you are getting your stereo busses to all read at zero, you mention you send a 1k tone (or 100 or 10) to the comp and then set everything to read zero. This tone - is it just something in that frequency range like a guitar or do you boost a frequency on an eq to set the compression?

My last question is about your federal compressor. It looks as if yours has been modified. What is your extra gigantic knob on the front? Do you know where could I get mine modified? I'd like to move the threshhold to the front, put an output knob on it, and switch the power chord.

Anayway thank you very much, this whole month has been so great!