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The Loudness War etc

Hi Burkey
1. The vinyl was mastered from a digital intermediate. And I think it was just 24bit 48k.
2. Yes it will be louder than the original CD but there should be no clipping or compression. Its not mega loud and needn't be. I hate loud CDs and always sound congested. The new Roses 20th I think the main difference is in low end where we haven't added any, just kept it true to the original.
3. Sony had no interest in a higher quality version of record and though I pleaded to do a 5.1 mix they couldn't see its commercial potential. Also to do 5.1 mix would cost at least 2-3 weeks in major studio.
4. Dont think there's any plan for me to remaster Verve....(5.1 ? Yes!)
Cheers JL