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Old 14th July 2009
Here for the gear

-Sorry for the confusion, yes the 737 is 2 grand, which is why I am saving up; which clean preamps would you suggest for under a grand if I am doing mostly vocal OD?
-yes, I plan on treating the room with bass traps and broadband absorption, going to consult the GS brothers on that topic as well after I take some measurements
-thanks for the reminder Keith! but gear can be sooooo tempting at times
-as the mbox is my weakest link, my question now becomes how to upgrade with converter/interface (as I am pretty much stuck with PT)
-I'm not familiar with converters or interfaces AT ALL so please bear with me on this noob adc question: so the sparrow converts the analog signal into spdif which is chucked to the mbox, so does the mbox process this signal between the sparrow and the computer in anyway to annul whatever good the sparrow did? (or is this irrelevant and I am completely wrong?)