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Old 14th July 2009
Here for the gear


I’d like to thank you again for the meticulously done high quality samples, which I find so much fun to listen to, and invaluable because now I know the characteristics of each mic presented here for my future purchase reference. The nice tones of your piano help tremendously too.

I am fairly new in audio recording and only do it occasionally (a couple of times a year for fun only), and do not have much of a mic collection but would like to expand it gradually. Your samples are the first that I found highly useful. The issues I often have with others’ samples are as follows:

(1) Saturated or otherwise compressed samples that muddy the characteristics of the mics;

(2) Recordings of narration that practically tell nothing about the mics because human (talking) voices have such narrow frequency bands (unless I get to compare the recording with the live person);

(3) Too much coloration from the room acoustics, etc.

By the way, PM me first when you are ready to sell your piano!