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Hello Butch,
Thank you very much for taking the time to answer so many great questions on the site. I have had a great time reading through each and every one of your responses. I am a fan of your producing and drumming work.

In addition, I know that you use many unique drum sounds on each garbage record and that you incorporate these sounds into your live show via acoustic drum triggering. With this in mind, I was hoping that you could explain what your live triggering rig consists of -- how you prepare each sample for live use and if your kit is tuned wide open (or muffled completely for triggering).

Thank You in advance,
I use a DW kit live. The kik snare rack and floor trigger my Ddrum sampler, which has custom samples Billy Bush and I have taken from the songs on the album.
The acoustic drums are pretty dead, all the drums are heavily certain rooms you can run into problems with ghost triggers if the acoustic kit is too "live" sounding. When you sit on my kit, it does not sound that great....until you put the headphones on!