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Awesome to hear! yes, Alan (and Flood as well) are two of my biggest inspirations when it comes to mixing. Their styles match each other and they both seem to have a very "fluid" sound.

Did you have any input on the mixing process of Siamese Dream? Was there anything that was "pre-mixed" as they say, or was it all Alan's decisions or did Billy play a big part as well?

Thanks for your time. and looking to hear any future projects you may have with Alan.
Alan, Billy and I were all at the mix. Alan did all the hard work, as he was in the control room 12 hours a day, Billy and I would float in and out when he needed feedback.
All three of us had opinions on the mix, but for the most part, we were on the same page.
Some of the sections of songs had parts that were pre-mixed, mostly when there were a lot of guitar parts like the ebows sections...also the strings.
I had done fairly extensive ruff mixes that were a good quide as to where the levels should be.

Alan was very creative with space in the mixes in the quieter sections, and really able to focus the denser sections through eq, compression, rides, and panning.

He was only supposed to be with us for 2 weeks, and we kidnapped him for 6 weeks!