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Lets Talk Adverts

Yes! Adverts! The second album I produced was for Doctors of Madness and Kid Strange was mates with TV Smith and he'd done records for Stiff and the Gary Gilmour's Eyes classic so I jumped at it. I was staff engineer at Abbey Road at the time so it was done in studio 3 over 2-3 weeks. It was EMI Neve 1083 desk, may been Necam mix and all usual Abbey Road mics, Fairchilds, Gain Brains, plates, JBL speakers. Haydn Bendal tape op'd and I did many records at that time with Haydn (XTC, Bebop Deluxe, Magazine) The band were tough and tight and Gaye Advert really drove the band. All tracks cut live, no click ( and no guitar tuners at time). Howard Pickup the guitarist had one through his HH amp combo and the drummers kit was nicked from previous nights gig! Gaye looked great and I can remember the classical musicians' faces when she went for tea in the canteen. People never seen torn jeans before. Me and Tim got on great even though I was an old hippy (turns out he is too...)
Train effects before last track are recorded late one night on train tracks at Westbourne Pk station. Me and Tim climbed down on tracks and I had a EMI TR50 (?) to record underground trains going past on the points. No Time To Be 21 was top twenty hit and they did Top of Pops. Yes it was fun record and a changing time for me as I was on point of leaving Abbey Road and going freelance and we'd just had baby. Ian Brown's favourite album too.