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I bought the Akai MPD24 and didn't like it at all. You have to hit the pads really hard so it's difficult do get varied velocities. It's all or nothing sort of. Also if yoy hit the pads towards the corners they sometimes doesn't trigger at all. I returned it and got the Korg padKontrol. Works like a charm! Much more sensitive. You don't have to hit as hard and the pads work all the way to the corners. And they light up when you hit them! ;-)

Now I just want that BPM app from MOTU to go with it, looks like a killer app for use with MPD/padKontrol/Trigger Finger!

I have a MPD16 and it's the same, complete junk. All I use it for is to quickly tap in a beat when I don't want to go to my V-drums/handsonic and it's really only good for electronic stuff with little to no dynamics.