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Originally Posted by bforest4 View Post
What are your favorite plugins and outboard analog gear?
Fave plug ins? hmmmmmmmmm

comp: I like the Bomb Factory BF76 on a drum buss, set to fastest attack and release, to get it to pump, also like it on vox
I use the Ren Axx on guitars, also API and SSL as comp and limiters
Master X on acoustic gtrs

EQ: Waves REQ6 eq's Oxford eq's, APIs, also like the VEQ4 on vox

delays: EchoBoy, Echo Farm

reverb: Alitverb

Isotope Trash, Filterfreak, Amp Farm, Amplitube 2, Sans Amp, GRM Bandpass, Isotope Ozone

Massey's plug ins are great, especially the limiter.