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Old 23rd September 2005
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ooh man, how fun was that mix session? I don't think I've laughed that hard since you had your bag stolen while waiting for a cab, or when you left your wallet in the cab and he's driving away you're running after him with you're arms flailling screaming "Habib, habib, come back" It was Michael Been that taught me how to tell a joke. Please email me his phone number. Do I have more jokes? One snake say's to the other, "hay are we poisonous?, the other says "no, I don't think so, why?" The first one answers, "because i think I just bit my tongue!" Ok, enough, back to work.

My two stereo outputs are grouped together by the switch on the back. I'll send an instrument to it and turn the depth way down so that it doesn't phase out when it's in the circular mode. You gotta just play with it and send unexpected stuff to it for a good laugh.

Actually, they are totally useless, they can ruin a mix by just putting the slightest little amount into the track. It causes some type of cosmic phase dust that seems impossible to master. They're worth nothing. Hay, if anyone has them sitting around, put them in a box and throw them away or better yet, send them to me and i'll throw them away for you.