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Guytron GT100

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What are THEE guitar amps to have for getting that 'modern' rock tone. I know opinions can vary and the creativity and uniqueness of the tone really comes from trying a bunch of different amps and blending some cool **** together... so essentially anything can work.

My question is more like... where is a good place to start in general. I've heard alot of guys talk about blending the Dual Rec sound with a JCM 800. I have got some decent rock tones with similar combinations.... Mesa and Marshall.

I want to buy some stuff.... maybe 2 setups to have here that rock guitar guys can use to replace or compliment there own rig while recording.

So... where should i start?

Oh.... are people really using PODS on rock records?
I've got Marshall, Mesa, Bad Cat, Dr. Z, Victoria, Supro, Fender, etc and the most versatile guitar amp that I own is a Guytron GT100. This is a phenomenal sounding amp and the company could never really make the transition from a very small boutique company to a mainstream company. These amps can be purchased used without spending a small fortune because they aren't collectors items yet. Guy Hedrick is no longer with the company and I suspect in years to come they will command rightful respect when the supply is GONE. Many years ago when I purchased it my choices were down to Guytron, Matchless (Mark Sampson era), Bogner (pre mass production), and Marshall. I chose the GT100 and have never looked back.