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Well, the two are as different as can be, but still a wonderful combo.
Both have the ability to cut through the mix perfectly and both of them
doesnt sound that great solo'd but perfect in the mix.
I own a JMP 2203 and yes, its the exact same as JCM 800 2203.
The high end of it can be a bit disturbing even with the treble at zero, so
I would suggest anyone to clip the "bright cap" and yea I belive the reason the two goes so well together is because of the sweet tight lower mids of the mesa and the crunchy high mids of the 800, Still I have a hard time using my 800 without a great pedal in front, I use both tubescreamer and Rat 2, and the Rat instantly gives you the classic rocknroll sound we all love, as close to AC/DC as Ive possible come with this head, the best setting for me at least Ive found using lo gain, crank the master to ten and then adjust the gain as volume, the tube distortion will also increase acordingly so some tweaking nessessary. The tumescreamer on the other hand usually needs more gain to shine, because moch more of the amp sound will come through and i have never been able to get any noticable distortion on the low channel..