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Strats. One had a mazak block, one mild steel. The mazak one gained a hint of top-end, the mild steel was to my ear, indistguishable when replaced...
Mazak is pot metal, which is a cheap zinc based amalgam and the block is the bulk of the unit's mass.
I'm just not really convinced I guess...
I used to get obsessed with all sorts of things, then repeatedly found out about so many great album tones that were made with "crap" or "wrong" equipment (plastic saddles! heresy). I only tweak when it's for a very practical reason, for now :-) .
The nicest gibbo's I played all had aluminum bridges, too. Even if the bridge was "impairing" something, I wouldn't have changed the tones I was hearing.

And - the Callaham site doesn't point out that it's an aluminum *alloy* that's used, not plain aluminum. Alloys can be totally different to the main composite material - but they're keen to stress the night and day difference between his steel and fender's. They make good solid stuff, but the pitch and the science seems a tad dogmatic IMHO.
I love nylon saddles. They are a completely different beast to metal saddles, and they change the envelope of the note quite significantly. They replace ping with pop. They wouldn't be my first choice for hard rock, say, but for retro/pop styles they are great. The Lennon Revolution Casino (the expensive Epiphone signature model) comes with them, they were also standard on 60's Gibsons. The Joe Bonnamassa signature Les Paul comes with a half and half mix, brass and nylon. Supposedly this configuration is also Eric Johnson's choice on Gibson guitars.

As for the aluminium bridges, I thought that up til now they were the best replacement available, and the ones that everyone was raving about compared to zinc?