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Did you experiment with Strat/Tele bridges or tunematic style? Callaham makes different claims for both. Specifically regarding tunematic bridges he criticises the use of zinc and its tonal properties. I find that a lot of the time when recording tunematic-equipped guitars I am trying to suppress the very stuff that he describes as being a problem with zinc.
Strats. One had a mazak block, one mild steel. The mazak one gained a hint of top-end, the mild steel was to my ear, indistguishable when replaced...
Mazak is pot metal, which is a cheap zinc based amalgam and the block is the bulk of the unit's mass.
I'm just not really convinced I guess...
I used to get obsessed with all sorts of things, then repeatedly found out about so many great album tones that were made with "crap" or "wrong" equipment (plastic saddles! heresy). I only tweak when it's for a very practical reason, for now :-) .
The nicest gibbo's I played all had aluminum bridges, too. Even if the bridge was "impairing" something, I wouldn't have changed the tones I was hearing.

And - the Callaham site doesn't point out that it's an aluminum *alloy* that's used, not plain aluminum. Alloys can be totally different to the main composite material - but they're keen to stress the night and day difference between his steel and fender's. They make good solid stuff, but the pitch and the science seems a tad dogmatic IMHO.