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Hi Strawberrius

Dukes Rule!
OK. Phazing on Drug is actually the whole mix phased and each 2 bars of chorus where he sings 'drug' is phased and cut into the master! So you do your mix onto quarter inch tape at 15ips and then copy it to two stereo tracks of 24track with good line up. Switch one set of tracks to sync and send them to well lined up 15ips tape machine with vari speed. Bring replay output of tape machine up desk set fader to -3db and then set outputs of other set of tracks to -3db. By finding the right point and if levels are equal phasing should occur as speed is changed of quarter inch machine. Depending on music you can really ride the wave with this! Then phase every 'drug' and copy result to second master mix quarter inch and edit in.
Nice one! The splash is actually Andy throwing a huge flat rock into the creek at high tide at Sawmills studio in Cornwall where we recorded. I miked it close in stereo with 87s and yes sounds awesome splosh and dead right for track
Pale and Precious all 24 track and no slaves and no automation on mixdown so all handheld!
Mr Gregory is truly awesome and I'll send him your regards!
Cheers JL