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Great quality stuff. It can make a difference, though I found it was slight when I experimented. But it is just a difference, not an automatic improvement - that would depend on the wood, and your taste.
Blackmore et-al actually prefered the mazak (pot metal) and cast junk found on the 70's CBS strats...

But these guys are talking high (mostly preamp-) gain amps, clipping from these, would hardly be competing with a bridge, I would think - if a properly set-up "regular" bridge *can* "fizz" on it's own.

I agree with keeping the mids up on the dual-recs, one can get way too carried away scooping them.
Did you experiment with Strat/Tele bridges or tunematic style? Callaham makes different claims for both. Specifically regarding tunematic bridges he criticises the use of zinc and its tonal properties. I find that a lot of the time when recording tunematic-equipped guitars I am trying to suppress the very stuff that he describes as being a problem with zinc.