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Posies - Dear 23

Hi Will
Well long time ago...recorded at Crow Studios in Seattle. The sound is really from that room cos it was good and homely and musical. We rented API 'sidecar' desk, monitored loud on Tannoy Little Reds and drums were well tuned and well hit. Miking nothing special: 58s rather than 57s, 451 on toms, 414s and 87s overheads and room. Overheads and room probably compressed with Urei 1176. Mixed at Enterprise in LA. Huge studio complex in Burbank used by glam/metal bands with filmstargirlfriends. Huge Ausburgher monitors and the longest 80 channel(?) SSL I worked on. I think mix got a bit 'sheeny' from all that sunshine.
Cheers JL