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Im looking for a fender with a punchier sound, more midrange.

Is this the guitar I need?
Only you can go and answer that- in my experience though if you're lusting after a Tele Deluxe, you need to buy a Tele Deluxe. Sound has nothing to do with it. Most electric guitars consist of some wire stretched over a lump of wood...there aren't that many variables.

Decent amps affect the sound more than most guitars above a certain level of quality imho.

Also- and this is my own personal bugbear- there is a whole world of guitars out there, yet most guitarists don't see beyond Fenders and Gibsons. Like- being adventurous would be trying a Jag or a Mustang or something. We are a weirdly conservative bunch!

I've still got a strat, but I never play it these days...just SO boring...