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Hi John,

There are some amazing effects on this album that contribute to Muse's epic outerspacey futuristic vibe/feel they have. One that I've always wondered about is, I think on space dementia and citizen erased I'm hearing a delay that decays upwards in pitch? It's a very bizarre sound and I absolutely love it! Is this a particular device or some cunning use of several?

Also, Muse make use of some really large piano sounds, that take place during heavy parts of their songs. And this works remarkably well, yet in my own experience I've found it hard to mix a piano part to sound heavy. What did you do? Lots of distortion on the bass? Is it common in these sorts of situations to record the piano twice and pan them each sort of from the centre outwards?? Much like people do when they do two takes of the same guitar part and hard pan them.

Thanks Heaps,