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Old 1st July 2009
The Posies, Dear 23

John, I am huge fan of quite a few albums you have produced, including this one. To me, this is by far the best of all Posies albums, in part because it is the one on which they sound least like a Seattle band of the period, and the psychedelic and Brit-pop influences are most in the fore.

Starting with the next album, the delicateness of their harmonies and arrangements got subsumed by the power side of power pop, which, for me, was never a comfortable fit. History may not agree with me, but I never again found the Posies as engaging and interesting after Dear 23. One suspects this had a lot to do with you...

...Anyway, here's a question:

This album has great distinctive drum sounds and drumming--very '60s influenced, Keith Moon-ish, barely stable, fill-mad drumming that really energizes the album. Did you coach Musberger to approach it that way or was that how the band was already doing things with that almost deliberate '60s reference in the drumming? What do you remember of the drum recording?