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Hi Butch,

How do you back up/archive your finished digital media(audio) projects for the long term?
Do think about ways to store the medium so they can be accessed in the future?

Thanks for doing this!


Hey Tom,

I can speak for the Garbage era stuff - I have archived it to a a slew of different mediums. I think you're not really safe unless you have it on two different types of media and have multiple copies..

I have it on:

Multitracks: 2" analog tape, 44.1k 24bit WAV, 96k 24bit WAV, DDS4
Masters: 1/2" analog tape, 44.1k 24bit DAT, 44.1k or 96k 24bit WAV

The WAV files are flattened and start at the same time to the sample and are copied onto a number of different drives.

Every major revision of PT that comes around I open and save a copy of the session with as much plugin information intact as possible. It can be a major pain, but it's worth it when Rock Band or Guitar Hero come calling!