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what kind of snare is it? Steel is usually pretty good sounding.. at least the Pearl Reference Steel 6.5 thats here is about as good a snare as I've ever heard.

What heads have you used? Also Steven Slate rolls duct tape in little hoops with the sticky side OUTWARD and uses it to damp snares, and he's very particular about where they are placed (the closer to the center, the more splatty the sound gets). I used to use moongels but the ductape works way better.

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The kit I've got borrowed for recording has a steel snare that refuses to sound good in real life or recorded no matter how it's tuned, tweaked, damped, fondled, whatever. It has no 'impact crack' and sounds like a discordant fart. The shells inherent resonance is ugly. (For the record, I realize a steel snare has a certain amount of 'bong' by nature. The problem here is that the 'bong' on this one is unpleasant).

Anyone have any secret tricks I haven't thought of for prepping this thing? Or suggestions for a snare I can order for cheap that will do the job?

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