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Old 1st July 2009
Lives for gear

LDC vs dynamic vs ribbon

Looking through the lists of gear you and your associated engineers use, I can't help but notice condensers (especially LDCs) galore, a few ribbons, and very few dynamics.

For example, while a classic dynamic pair for guitar/bass might be sm57/md421, I notice a greater tendency for u67 or r121 types.

You've also got LDCs on toms, and SDCs on snare. LDC on piano and acoustic.

The only example I've seen of a dynamic is inside the kick, or also on voice I know you used the sm7 with siamese dream.

This might all be total coincidence, but I as just wondering if it's a real trend and if there's any conscious preference or reasoning behind it.

Thanks for what may be the last time. It's been an honour and a priviledge having you share your experience and knowledge with us.

Rock on!