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Hi Butch,

It has been docmented that the band first tried recording Somthing In The Way as a band. Did the band try recording an electric version or was it always acoustic? On the BBC sessions they recorded a really heavy version with lots of feeback and it was also played this heavy way for the Nevermind tour.

Also were the cello parts pre-planned to the sessions or was it an idea that came together during the recording process?

Many thanks
We tried tracking with the full band and it didn't sound very good.

Kurt ended up doing the acoustic and his vocal while lying on the couch in the control room.

We overdubbed everything in Studio B, drums, bass, back vocals, and the cello was last.

FYI: I rented some sort of digital editing system to tighten the tracks up, this was before Pro Tools. I think the system was called an ADAP? Ring any bells anyone?

It was a pain in the ass to use!