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Gear Head

Also the ring or resonance comes from the bottom head as well as the body of the drum. so tuning it lower than the batter head will give you more resonance while tuning higher than the batter should give you less. the tighter the snares the "punchier" the the crack will be. The looser the longer decay the snares will have (think jazzy).... Also MAKE sure the drum is in tune!!!! lightly tap each lug to make sure they have the same pitch. you need to check both batter and resonance head. the two heads (overall)can be can be different pitches, but each lug of the respective head should match. when that happens then you can evaluate head choice, room, etc...

BTW for fun if you want an outrageously funky fat snare take an old batter head and use it as a resonance head it's chunky, dry and cool on "some" things. loses some volume too, NOT FOR EVERYTHING.