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Try Dream Hire, Toy Specialist, and there's at least one guy who does vintage mic, Jim Flynn rentals - speak with Gaby - he's very cool. dreamhire may not have an office in NY any longer - I'm not sure. Also, there are quite a few rental; places in NJ, Westchester, Long Island, Upstate NY, Queens, Brooklyn, etc. Look for Audio Equipment/ Pro Audio Rentals, Sound Installation, etc. Hope this helps. If you find any more, please post - si we can all update our data bases. Also, if you wait a few weeks THE AES SHOW WILL BE IN TOWN AND YOU MAY BE ABLE TO HOOK UP WITH SOME NEW GEAR DUDES AND TRY OUT STUFF!!!!!!! I've found it very helpful sometimes to get in on the ground level with new gear producers, and work with them to hone their gear - it's very personal, and you can learn quite a bit (as can they from your various applications and testing that they might not have done yet). Who knows, maybe you can even have the next huberjammer whatsis thigamajig signature model!!