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Old 30th June 2009
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Vocal compression and sibilance

Hey Butch! Thanks for the years of great listening and pages of super cool inside info!

I've been battling with sibilance issues lately. I read in another thread that you lay the vocal compression on fairly thick; I do the same thing, but the further I bring up the compressor, the more S sound I hear, almost to the point where it seems like that hissy letter is sticking out more than the rest of the vocals. I try to EQ and de-esser my way out of this, but then vocal tracks end up sounding muddier than the rest of my mix.

How do you deal with this? I listened to Siamese Dream a bunch recently after reading all of these threads, and it seems like Billy's voice should be full of S noise, but they are as smooth as I could ever hope for. Do you stop compressing before the S's stick out and ride the faders more to help even out levels? Is there something else I'm missing?