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nin - "last" remix

butch, i really enjoyed your work with garbage and saw you guys live a few times, including the memorable 1999 tibetan freedom concert in amsterdam.

bit of a trivia question... on the 1992 nin remix CDEP "fixed" there was a track that had the back half of your remix of the nin song "last" ... but the first half was a reworking by trent and co. at the time, there were very low quality bootlegs of your full version, and the first half sounded more like a cover than a remix.

cut to some years later (ahem), and your full version is posted to the nin remix site...

Remix -

your take is certainly quite different than the original, and probably would not have fit very well on the original EP, but it is very interesting. any recollection as to why you went off in such a different direction, recording your own parts rather than a straight-up remix?