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Thanks for this. This is awesome. Out of every guest mod that's been on here, yours are the productions that have inspired me the most. Now if they can only get Flood as well : )

I like the deliberate contrast you have in some of your productions of acoustic/electronic and clean/dirty. That's a quality that I think defined a lot of great 90s productions.

On gearslutz, there's always talk of expensive effects, eqs, and compressors. What are some of the cheap or obscure processors/tools that you find to have a nice flavor?
I bought my Roger Meyer compressor for about $500, it really pumps the drums like crazy.

Old (and new) stomp boxes are good on all sorts of things, especially vocals and drums.
We have this Nady guitar pedal that we used on a lot of Garbage songs.

I've got an old Radio Shack mic that sounds great on vocals every now and then, it's sounds heavily filtered.

AKG make a good mic C3000, large diaphragm, you might be able to get it on Ebay for a couple hundred bucks.

The Audio Technica 4047 is also good and not very expensive.

When we started Smart Studios, I found a LOT of cool gear at garage sales, especially schools and churches, they always seem to have mics and PA equipment buried in dust in the closet! I remember we got out first dbx 160 for about $50 at a garage sale!