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Here for the gear

Spooner and Fire Town

Way before Nevermind and Garbage, you and Duke Erikson were in two cult-Midwestern bands, and along with Steve Marker engineering or as soundman, and released a number of records at the beginning of your production career.

I began to check out Spooner and Fire Town material over the last few years, after only being aware of The Good Life from the video (YouTube - Fire Town "The Good Life" for anyone who doesn't know it) and was pleasantly surprised by how melodic and listenable they were 25 years down the line. I must've had some other idea in my head what they would sound like.

I'm particularly fond of "Walking with an Angel"

I was wondering how your production techniques and knowledge from self-producing those records have influenced your later career and how you look back on those records now.

I know that there was a Fire Town re-issue last year, is there plans for a re-issue of the three Spooner albums?