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Old 29th June 2009
Here for the gear

Recording of Nobody Loves You (Garbage)

Hey Butch, Billy and Mike!!
Thank you very much for doing this and special thanks to for making it happen!

Here's a question coming all the way from Bulgaria

Do you guys have any recollections of the songwriting and approach to recording the song Nobody Loves You from beautifulgarbage. It's one of my all time favourite tracks and I'm really curious to know more details how it came about?

There is this constant discussion going among Garbage fans about the lyrics of the song during the last minute of the song. What are they? Are they intentionally not included in any album booklet in order to remain 'secret'? Does this whole thing has to do with the fact that the song was never performed live or was it just too hard to make the studio recording - live transition?

Thank you once again!