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I would say the majority of ads on TV use library music. Think how many local and regional spots get produced every year. I even hear plenty of national ads for large companies use library tracks. Those types of ads can't afford custom music, or don't require it, so they turn to libraries. Also, I wouldn't contact a audio house directly, I get e-mails from time to time, and I usually just delete them. With companies like APM that offer hundreds of thousands of tracks, and great customer service, I wouldn't waste my time with someone that only has 60 and isn't as familiar with how to license them properly. I would contact one those larger companies and see if they were interested in buying them.
Yup exactly!!! I know I hear our music on TV at least once every hour, usually at least once every commercial break.

To the original poster, a good starting place for you would be

Production Music Association

They have lists of different libraries, they offer seminars and "meet and greet" functions for composers, etc.

Also check out

The Society of Composers & Lyricists -

The tough thing is, with only 60 songs it is going to be a hard sell to place all of them with a company. 60 songs basically breaks down into 3 CDs worth of music. If stylistically the 60 songs can't be organized into 3 full CDs of music, then it will be very tough to get a library to pick ALL of them up. You might start getting "well I could use these 3 songs for a CD we are about to do"... and so on.

Plus, every library is different. A 30 second cue for Video Helper is DRASTICALLY different than a 30 second cue for Killer Tracks. So to blindly blast every company with your music isn't going to be very fruitful since most companies have certain "formats" and criteria the music has to adhere to based on their customers' needs.

What you'll probably start to find is, the 60 cues you have make a good foundation, but you'll have to add to, re-write and/or edit them based on the company you are trying to submit to. Very rarely does something specifically written to a commercal spot work as a library track in and of itself. I know that sounds weird because a lot of the library music is used in commercials, but as you start to look at different libraries you'll see what I mean.